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Date of birth, place of birth1.1.1983, Wetzlar/Germany
Marital statusSingle/unwed
CarreerEx-Sysadmin. Since end of 2006 Iīm going to school again to get the general qualification for university entrance. So I plan to work as a developer of home-automation-networks and -solutions later.
Eyesblue-grey with a green touch


Skills & interests

building services engingeering, electrical engineering, electronics, computer applications and hardware, pharmacology, anaesthesiology, studying the mechanisms for associating experiences with emotions, physics, listening to music and analysing it, playing keyboard. Besides this, there are a few other things I like to do, such as creative gardening and cooking.

I hate hiking, but prefer sports like skiing or climbing.


What I always intended to do


Favourite -

Important note: Rochelle is unrevaled here of course! Unnecessary to say, that sheīs my all-time fave!


What I like

At other persons: Integrity, candour, brainpower, experience of life, aplomb, reliability, persons I can confide in, emotionality, sense of responsibility, people who think strategic and foresighted, charismatic radiation, broad-mindedness, critical faculty,
Good handmade/authentic music,
Efficient and innovative technical development,
Powerful clever women, who have an agenda without permitting demotivation and manipulation by others and who are partly loners and fighting for their independence and their own intentions,
To meet with other people that I like and spend a nice time together,
Lying relaxed in my bed reading an exciting book,
Nice swimming baths

What I donīt like

At other persons: Arrogance, pronounced egoism, barbaric/savage behaviour, needless violence (not meaning martial arts to train body control and self-defense), opportunism, soulless music, notorious grumblers, people that play around with someoneīs feelings, bricolage during assembly of electrical installations, sloppiness during development of technical products and systems.


My Strengths

Iīm a good autodidact and itīs easy for me to learn by myself, so I got much experience and knowledge that is a big help for me with my daily routines. Besides this it helps me with the design and development of new technical projects. My interest in pharmacology makes it lot easier for me to use drugs, e.g. if I have a bad cold or pains.
Iīm a very creative and emotional person - although emotionality can be a foible in some situations, I think both attributes are some of the bigger strengths of mine.
Some experiences from my childhood help me in particular situations.
Iīm a straight and open-minded person and I donīt subscribe to any mind, even against strong resistance of others if Iīm convinced of an idea or something like that! I scrutinise much things instead of believe everything without thinking about it. I can hide my inner feelings and cogitations - if I want. I donīt do this in jest but to protect myself from getting into trouble.
Fortunately I inherited (from anybody) the talent to improvise: I often have good ideas for solving the problem in different situations.


My weaknesses

Iīm a pessimist and I sometimes lose motivation just because I believe the project Iīm working at canīt succeed but in most cases itīs just causeless!
I still have problems with coordinating and arranging projects. Although this isnīt quite a problem in hypothetical sense, I have some problems with it at work.
Unfortunately, I seem to have a lack of concentrentation in some situations, but in fact it is caused by a lack of diszipline. I still have some severe problems in concentrating on intricate projects. Strangely, I donīt have such problems in all fields and all times.
I canīt handle stress well yet, itīs one of my strongest enemies. I prefer the more relaxed ambience, even if Iīve to handle difficult tasks. I only need silence and privacy to succeed.


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