Third website version

Unlike version 1 and 2 there were many changes made in version 3. I had to reconstruct most of the pages via as I did not save all pages in 2001. besides that, a few pages which were filed by were virtual not accessible as they were parts of the restricted members area. Please do not ask me how could exactly file them, I only can guess. It was probably a software-bug / a vulnerability. Today, there is a public discussion about that spying by search engines. However, those pages indicate an adequate size of that project! For this reason it didnīt make sense to drop the project!

For all those users, that have never seen this version, I pasted some commented screenshots below! A few images in some screenshots are missing - I apologize for that! Unfortunately doesnīt file all images of websites!

By the way: Itīs really a coincidence, that the cover picture of my project is nearly equal to that of Rochelleīs former website. The first time I saw version 3 was about six weeks after I completed coding an the homepage (/index.htm). I was very amazed to see that Rochelle used nearly the same. Then I thought about chosing another cover picture, but then, this is my absolute favourite picture of Rochelle and so I didnīt change it. Version 3 had another at the beginning. It must had been changed a few weeks before that project was cancelled.

One further note for all those users, who are amazed to see the desight of version 2 in a late state of version 3: I canīt quite explain that, but I suppose, that it was used interim during a migration to another server or it was used after data loss caused by a hardware-crash until the lost files were recovered.

The following two screenshots demontrate preview-sections. Interesting: The emblems of the broadcast stations on the thubnails. Besides this it is a little bit curious that there were only snapshots of movies in the preview section. Not ONE Photo of the "private" Rochelle!

Version 3, preview section

Version 3, preview section

I was astonished about the bad rating of the plot from "Secret Games 3", given by the creators of the web site. In the most cases, an official fanpage of an actor/actress always praises the movies their actor or actress appeared in.
Version 3, "classics"-subsection

The archiving of a protected file in the restricted area succeeded... Version 3: Members area!

Unfortunately, thereīs no comment why the domain was dropped. Something of that kind doesnīt happen without a good reason. Version 3: Update

The design of version 2 isnīt down my alley but the cover picture is amazing! I like that very much! Version 3 late phase: Homepage (design of version 2)

no comment. Version 3: Members login

This picture is self-explanatory, but too bad that they didnīt mention where or how to get those "100's of clips"...
Version 3: About Rochelle


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