Agency photos are professional photos, made by photographers, used by agencies to get jobs for their actors/actresses in tv- or movie-productions. As there is no need for the production companies to keep them after the audition is over, they are, maybe, sent back to the agencies or given away to other people. I don't quite know this. Those photos are beautiful most times and of very high quality, so they are in high demand of fans! I have 14 (of 16) of the available agencyphotos of Rochelle. Any other pics, I unfortunately have only in low-resolution or a thumbnails. But I'm going on to collect as much as I can! Enjoy it! I published not all agencyphotos in hi-resolution to prevent to get into severe copyright-trouble.
Please notice: These Photos were taken in the mid 90´s. Newer Pics are hard to find - the first four in the private-section are from 2003 - but unfortunately in a very low quality :-(




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